Thursday, October 8, 2009


____________________________________________________________________________ KEEPERS OF THE DREAMTIME

$250.00 framed plus S&H

Acrylic & 3D paint on 100 Lb acid free paper.
Size: 11 by 14 inch image in 17 by 21 inch frame


Anonymous said...

I particularly love this piece because when my older brother passed away we purchased a small clay pot,in honor of him, decorated with lizards, which remains a reminder of my connection to my brother. Also in some Native traditions the lizards are. as stated in the title, Keepers of the Dreamtime. What happens in dreams can help me to be aware of what is in my unconscious mind, thus helping me in my waking state to have greater perceptions. Lizards are also associated with lucid dreaming
(knowing in a dream that you are dreaming and that you can contol how a dream progresses). This piece makes my heart sing as the lizards are dancing in the heavens.
Francine Wynkoop, artist's wife.

gr8stuff said...

Thoughts from the Artist: KEEPERS OF THE DREAMTIME

Some Native American tribes say that Lizards are the keepers of the Dreamtime, living in worlds not fully held here on earth in our human hearts and minds.

I like the thought of hundreds of thousands of lizards
spread across the mountains and deserts dreaming something different into being

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